Tips for the HMF Prize

We are looking for artistic and creative students that can help to promote the public understanding of science.

Below are a few tips on how to accomplish this feat.

  1. Find a creative way to explain a complex scientific concept in a manner that a broad audience can understand. This can include any topic in Physics, Biology, or Chemistry. Examples may include basic genetics and modes of inheritance or the big bang.
  2. Find a creative way of explaining the importance of scientific education and funding.
  3. Create a work of art using science.
  4. Use any form of artistic media and communication to promote the public understanding of science.

Here are a few links to inspire you.

All entries should include a 3 to 5 minute YouTube video (10 minute maximum) that can be used to get your project to the public. If your project is in a movie format, that can be your YouTube submission. If your project is not in a movie format, you should create a short film in which you explain the purpose and development of your project.

Select applications that agree with the mission and purpose of the foundation will be featured on our YouTube channel.

The HMF Prize application and supporting materials must be emailed to