The Hamed Mirzaei Foundation offers “The HMF Prize” for the development of extraordinary ideas and small projects that support the Public Understanding of Science.

General Information

Students at all levels of education from middle school to Graduate and Professional school can qualify for this Prize. Applicants will compete in one of the three subcategories based on current level of education:

  1. Middle and High School
  2. Undergraduate
  3. Graduate and Professional School

If you have a project or idea that supports the Public Understanding of Science, you can nominate yourself for The HMF Prize by completing this form and emailing it to

Please note that you may also nominate other individuals for an HMF Prize.

Submit this application and any supporting material to as one PDF document. Supporting material may refer to a link to a webpage or YouTube video associated with the project.

The Hamed Mirzaei Foundation Advisory Board will review all HMF Prize applications and nominations to identify applicants who subscribe to the Vision and Mission of the foundation. The Advisory Board recommendation will then be reviewed by Hamed Mirzaei (or an appointed director), who will make the final decision on granting HMF Prizes.

When submitting your application, make certain the subject line includes the following: HMF Prize, Applicant’s or Nominee’s name, school name, discipline (example: HMF Prize, Joe Smith, Kings High School, Biology). Failure to comply with formatting requirements may result in disqualification. We will consider all requests, but awards will be subject to availability of funds.

Students will only be eligible for an Award once per project.

The HMF Prize application

Click here for more details regarding what we are currently looking for from applicants.