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[TransformARTive Layers]

Sandra Arely


When something as simple/playful as double exposure photography can bring life to new alien worlds, it's only natural to wonder how many other worlds exists in the confines of an observing mind. Sparks of curiosity have layered across the history of time to unveil new perspectives about the natural world around us. Collisions between science and art continue to bring fresh and exciting layers that constantly have the potential to lift us onto the next plateau of the human experience.

Speaker Bio

Sandra is a current student of Psychology at the University of Dominguez Hills. Her interests include science, nature, music, and art. As a child, science wasn't always her strongest subject, but she was able to appreciate the sense of wonder and curiosity that was required of even the brightest minds. Her message is simple, dare to show the world they way you experience life around you, in whatever way you can express it. Walk towards the things that spark your interests. Be bold enough to hold on to the curious creative that may have been forgotten inside of you, and contribute to the layers of history that will one day inspire future generations to see what could have never been discovered without your vision of it first.

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