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Connecting the Arts & Sciences

  • Wurstküche 625 Lincoln Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90291 United States (map)

Kyle McClary


Art and science are natural companions. Both are a means of investigation and discovery. Both involve ideas, theories, and hypotheses that we test in places where mind and hand come together—the laboratory and studio. Artists, like scientists, study—materials, people, culture, history, religion, mythology— and learn to transform information into something else. In my talk, I’ll share stories about my work to connect artists and scientists, which includes: creating an organization that provides funding to artists and scientists; catalyzing 15+ interdisciplinary art/science projects; hosting networking events that connect artists and scientists; and creating an interdisciplinary digital media lab for artists and scientists to collaborate.


Kyle is a PhD candidate in the Department of Chemistry at USC. His research focuses on building 3D computer models of biological cells to accelerate drug development. His broader professional mission is to make science accessible, clear, and engaging to everyone. He believes that media is the language of the 21st century, so he co-created the BRIDGE ART + SCIENCE ALLIANCE (BASA) to work with digital artists in carrying out this mission. His mantra is “work hard, sleep hard.”