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Natural and Artificial Intelligence

  • Wurstküche 625 Lincoln Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90291 USA (map)

Kelsey Scharnhorst


Join us for a discussion on defining biological and artificial intelligence! We’re fortunate to live in the age of information and witness giant strides in computing efficiency. However, as we reach the end of Moore’s Law, it becomes up to software or hardware changes to solve more complex problems. Difficult problems include image recognition, pattern prediction, or chaotic time series data, such as traffic fluctuations. Our world’s complexity is continually increasing, so we will need to look at emergent phenomenon seen in fractals, earthquakes, brains, etc. This talk will focus on current AI in terms of intelligence and you can decide for yourself whether they will lead to Skynet.  

Speaker Bio

Born across the waters from Seattle, Washington, Kelsey grew up appreciating the lush forests and crisp air of the Olympic Peninsula. She obtained a B.S. degree in chemistry from Western Washington University in 2013, a M.S. degree in chemistry at UCLA in 2014, and is currently a doctoral candidate at UCLA working on artificial neural networks for alternative computing approaches.